claudia pando

Digital Animation

Claudia Pando is aspiring 3D artist in the 3D animation program at CU Denver. After studying abroad in China, Claudia decide that she would once more chase after her dreams of joining the cinematic world and changed her major to pursue a BFA in 3D animation and graphics.

As a small child, Claudia used to sit in front of the old antenna TV screen in awe. For as long as she could remember she had always been fascinated by the art of storytelling. The worlds she saw on the Television screen amazed her - heroes going on grand quests and finding places she had never seen before. However, despite this passion for visual storytelling, Claudia did not decide to become 3D artist until her later years of high school. During this part of her life, Claudia had become indulged in wide spread of both literary and cinematic content. And after seeing her favorite stories come to life on the big screen, Claudia decide she want to part of the magic that brings modern cinema alive.