samuel carnes

Digital Animation

Starting off his studies by getting lost across the state in CU Boulder for four years, Samuel Carnes truly began the path of the double degree when he made the switch to CU Denver to wrap up his remaining work in computer science and start pursuing his interests in animation. Graduation has been a long time in the making, but after many credits, moves, and the occasional extra shot of late night espresso, Sam is now facing two-fold senioritis as he claws his way to the finish line.

Jumping the metaphorical ship between CU's sister schools was a bit of a rough time in multiple senses. The cities have different flows of energy, the campuses have different aesthetics, and even though the "entry point" for animation stemmed from how much it had begun to involve computational skills, the two fields have still been wildly different breeds. Sam however has fittingly been as much if not more of an oddball, having taken on more technically-slanted challenges than others.